Music Time Together


Realtime Music & chatting Together for iOS & Android, wherever you are.


Louise is a free mobile app suggesting its users to listen each other’s music in real time.

Listening & sharing in real time between users around the world. With Louise, a new community of music fans seeking for new interactive experience is born.


Through their own “Music Rainbow”, they select their favourite musical mood of the moment.

Louise is allowing them then to have the possibility to listen to others in real time inside of the selected genre. Other users can be around locally or at the other side of the world.


Lets discover the “core” of the app, the “Music Time” : a shared listening session in real time.

Thanks to Louise’s instant messaging feature, users connect between each others from anywhere in the world. Louise’s smart geo location system offers additional infos about users’ geographical position.


No email adress, no login & no password are required to activate or use Louise.

During their first connection, Louise’s users are invited to select their favourite streaming players (among  Spotify, Soundcloud & Deezer), their avatar (no personal picture) & their favourite music genres. Each genre is represented by a colour.

Their selection reveals then their own ” Music Rainbow”.


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